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The ultimate social media marketing programme for Irish food and drinks businesses.


Imagine if... 

You could grow your brand by spending less time on social media and more time working on your actual passion. The reason you started your business in the first place. Sounds enticing, right? 

That's what we aim to enable you to achieve through the Conquer Your Social, a social media marketing programme that has specifically been designed to empower you to:

  • Make sales for your food or drink business

  • Connect with customers who will fall in love with your brand

  • Cut your social media marketing to-do list in half

It's particularly perfect for the food and drink business owner or brand leader who is ready to

  • Stop wasting time trying to keep up to date with algorithm updates or learning endless "Instagram hacks you didn't know"

  • Move away from posting content formats that just don't "feel" like the right fit for your or your business (Hello dance and point trends, we're talking to you!)

  • Feel confident about rolling out a marketing plan that drives a solid return

We are currently seeking Beta testers for this programme. 


1 - What Is CYS_edited.png

Conquer Your Social is THE social media marketing programme for people who are passionate about the Irish food and drinks industry. Full of practical tools, comprehensive training, and detailed resources, it's been designed to facilitate you to ditch the stress that often comes with social media marketing. Our goal is to lighten your load while enabling you to become more confident about managing the online presence for your business. 


Over the course of ten weeks you’ll master the most effective tools and strategies used by professional marketing teams through practical, step-by-step advice and uncover how these approaches can be applied specifically to the food and drink industry. Through weekly action points orchestrated to assist you in getting your marketing off the ground, you’ll then learn how to put this new information into practice. 

Because this programme has been designed to ensure your success (and because we know how little time you have when you work within the food and drinks industry), you’ll also have a chance to participate in our Accountability Calls. These sessions are an opportunity for you to block off an hour to get some work done while availing of expert guidance as you implement your new-found knowledge.


By the end of the ten weeks you’ll have gone from feeling stressed and overwhelmed about social media to feeling confident, productive and most importantly, excited about putting your best foot forward when it comes to managing an online presence. And because this is being rolled out as a beta programme, you'll get to do it at a fraction of the cost too! 


Why should you become a beta tester?

  • Discount Pricing: Beta testers access the course for €397 inc. VAT as we perfect the delivery experience (Over 70% OFF)

  • Exclusive Content: As a 'Thank You' for signing up to our Beta Course, you’ll get access to a number of exclusive bonuses which will help you uplevel your marketing and your sustainability efforts.

  • Accountability Sessions: As a beta tester, you will have direct access to ask questions, give feedback and beta test new approaches to lessons within a limited group of 15 participants. After the initial beta launch, there will be an unlimited capacity for enrolments on the Conquer Your Social programme. 

  • Lifetime Access: Once the beta test is complete, you will receive access to the recordings of each module for you to access at no additional charge. 

If you join this beta test, here's what we ask of you: 

  • Commitment: Attend the weekly live check-in classes (or watch the replay) to ensure you’re getting the most out of the programme and follow through with the outlined action points. 

  • Feedback: Openly share your ideas and suggestions with us.

  • Testimonial: Provide us with an honest testimonial of your experience on the programme. 

Ready to discover how to use the strategies we teach inside Conquer Your Social to make more sales through social media?


Session One: Setting Your Business Up For Social Media Success

  • Understanding Social Media’s Role Within Your Business

  • Confidence in Your Content

Session Two: Solidifying Your Social Media Foundation

  • Setting Realistic Social Media Strategy Goals That Benefit Your Business 

  • Tailoring Your Social Media Infrastructure

Session Three: Content That Connects

  • How To Create Customer Personas

  • Developing Your Content Strategy

Session Four: How To Make Your Business Shine Bright On Social Media 

  • Creating Key Messages That Make An Impact

  • Subtle But Strong Storytelling 

Session Five: Planning & Executing Part One

  • How To Create Content That Converts

  • Top Planning Tools Marketers Don't Want You To Know About


Session Six: Implementation Week

  • Accountability Call with Live Q & A session


Session Seven: Planning & Executing Part Two

  • How To Plan For Success

  • Creating & Managing Your Marketing Budget

Session Eight: Getting Comfortable On Camera

  • Face and Conquer Your Filming Fears

  • Cost Effective, Professional Filming 

Session Nine: Online Communities

  • Nurturing Your Online Community 

  • Powerful Business Outreach

  • Collaborating With Like-minded Communities


Session Ten: Implementation Week

  • Accountability Call with Live Q & A session

How The Social Media Marketing Industry Is Stopping Your Businesses From Flourishing

Most of the strategies we see about posting 3 reels per day, constant interaction with followers, and high ad spend are strategies that have not been designed with the busy schedule of a small food and drink business owner or brand leader in mind. Since 2015, the influencer market has doubled in size and is expected to reach €15.8bn this year alone according to a report by Influencer Marketing Hub. This is because social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and TikTok have paid content creators billions of euros in 2022 alone to create content that will help keep their platforms relevant and increase their shareholder value. 


So these strategies that claim to help you gain “100K followers in 7 days” are strategies for content creators by content creators. They do not take into account the small business owner that is constantly trying to manage its most precious resource - time. As a result, these businesses are losing out on time, money and opportunities to focus on the development of their business. 


And that’s why we started to develop Conquer Your Social. We’ve designed this unique programme to give you back your power by spending less time concentrating on social media statistics and more time working on your business.

Are You Being Affected By Social Media Marketing Overwhelm?

Do you ever find yourself worrying about keeping up to date with algorithm changes, Instagram hacks or TikTok trends? 


Do you follow social media marketing accounts but find yourself getting overwhelmed by the sheer volume of advice they seem to constantly dole out? 

2 - Are You Being Affected..._edited.jpg

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could spend less time trying to figure out social media so you can redirect your focus to bigger-picture tasks?

If you’ve found yourself answering yes to any of these questions, then it sounds like you’ve got a case of social media marketing overwhelm. 

We strongly believe in the importance of a social media presence for food and drink businesses. But over the years, we’ve also seen how when too heavy of an emphasis is placed on this, important growth can be staggered. With so much advice out there on building audiences, creating viral content and keeping up with trends, the social media presence for your business can easily get out of hand and start to become a full time job in and of itself. 


There is a toxic pattern unfolding within the social media marketing industry and unfortunately, it is preventing the small business from focusing on their real business purpose. Over the last couple of years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of educational content appearing on our social feeds. For example, content promoting strategies which encourage business owners to “Post 3 reels per day” or to “Get 100K followers in 7 days”. As an agency that works with food and drink businesses every day, we know how unachievable these strategies are. For a start, most small businesses simply don’t have the time and resources to dedicate to executing them on a sustained basis. 

Even for those who do, very often the input required to roll out these strategies will not justify the corresponding results. We are sick of seeing business owners and brand leaders like you struggle to keep up with these carrot and stick strategies until you eventually burn out. We’re tired of seeing business owners being distracted from focusing on the reason they started their business. Believe us when we say that constantly chasing trends is not how sustainable businesses are built. 


That is why we want to empower food and drink businesses like yours to develop a strategy that outlasts platforms and trends. We want to teach you how to adapt our tried and tested marketing plans to your unique business needs and goals so that you can grow your audience, sell your products and cultivate a loyal community. We want you to stop getting caught up in the hamster wheel so you can set yourself up for success, and get back to focusing on what it is that makes your business brilliant! 

As a Thank You for signing up to our Beta Course, you’ll also get access to exclusive bonuses which include

12 months membership to the sustainability platform ENSO Initiatives (Valued at €1,200) 


Communications Workshop: Carefully Crafting Your Marketing Message To Avoid Greenwashing (Worth €150) 


A Done-For-You Editable Social Media Marketing Calendar with Customisable Posts (Worth €79) 

An Agency With A Difference

3. An Agency With A Difference.jpg

We are Conquer Digital, a marketing agency on a mission to improve the Irish food and drinks industry. 


Founded by Ciara Daly in 2019, we eat, sleep and breathe all things food! Everyday we work alongside passionate producers and restaurateurs, as well as many other ambitious food and drink industry figures who share our passion for making a positive impact on the environment and community around us. We partner with these fantastic clients to strengthen the stories of what they do and how they do it to inspire, educate and attract conscious citizens  and valuable community members. 


Strategy Development

We believe that a solid strategy is the difference between managing an online presence and becoming a business that is loved and supported by their customers.


Our processes combine a deep-dive into your business goals and objectives to develop expertly-created marketing plans that will enable you to achieve them. We also create and enhance strong and engaging key message guides that help take the work out of communicating what makes your business unique to your customer.


By getting a thorough understanding of your business' purpose and vision, we build you a strategy that fits your business goals and budget so that you can take charge of your own brand and business.  

Social Media Management

With over 60% of Irish citizens using social media to research businesses, a social media presence is vital for food and drink businesses. We offer custom packages to manage every aspect of your social media presence from strategy execution to content creation and management, as well as reporting.


It's important that we are able to grow strong relationships with our full-time clients which is why the number of clients we work with on an on-going basis is limited. Being able to give them a specific level of attention enables us to develop a deep understanding of what makes them unique so we can help them put their best foot forward. We are committed to exclusively offering our full-time management services to Irish food and drink businesses who share our values when it comes to looking after people, planet and profit.

Workshops & Training

We are passionate about empowering food and drink businesses to ditch the overwhelm when it comes to social media marketing. We offer specifically tailored training and support packages for teams who manage their marketing in-house so they can feel confident about managing the online presence for their business.

Conquer Your Social, the newest addition to our training packages, is the culmination of our provision of these services to individual businesses since 2019. 


We are an agency which values the triple-bottom line of people, planet and profit. 


When does the programme start?


The programme will commence after October 17th. 


What if I don’t have time?

Conquer Your Social is designed to lighten your workload, not increase it. Our goal is to enable you to decrease your to-do list so you can move your business forward faster. That means less time scrolling your social media feed and more time working on the things that matter. 

What if I can't make the dates?

Attendance is encouraged as questions can then be answered straight away but if there are sessions you can’t make then don’t worry. All modules are recorded and provided after the sessions for you to watch at your own convenience. 


How long do I have access to the recordings? 


For life.  


Can I request a refund if I decide the course is not for me? 


Due to the live nature of this course, no refunds are offered.  


What format does the content come in?

The materials will be live group training videos. There are also PDF workbooks so that you can tailor the learning to your own business. We aim to keep sessions short and sweet, focusing only on advice that is going to get you results. 


Will there be a recording?



Is this programme only suitable for business owners?


No, this programme is a great launching pad for those interested in moving into a social media marketing role or who are looking to enhance their existing skills. 


Is this programme only relevant to the food and drink industry?


No. While this programme has been specifically designed with food and drink businesses in mind, the marketing principles and approaches we cover are applicable to other industries.


Combining our grá of all things food and drink with our expertise in social media marketing, we count ourselves lucky to work alongside some of the leading independently owned food and drink businesses on the island of Ireland. Working with award-winning food and drink producers, restaurateurs and bar-owners, it’s safe to say that food and drink marketing is our bread and butter. 


While we’re definitely a team who likes to have fun, our number one goal is to make it easy for food and drink businesses to grow their sales while making an impact in the industry. We’re here to enable the food and drink industry to prove that it no longer needs to be “business as usual”. 



Have you ever found yourself wondering what role your business can play in building a better society? 

At Conquer Digital, we’re advocating for a more holistically nourished world. When it comes to our bottom line; profit, people and the natural living world take up equal space. Our business vision has been hugely inspired by time spent around the table sharing ideas, dreams, and most importantly, great quality food.


We’ve experienced first hand the magical ability which food has in getting people to listen and learn. It is because of these experiences that we believe in the uniquely powerful position Irish food and drink business owners hold when it comes to creating societal change. It is why we look to work with others who share our vision. Striking the balance between environment, community and profit is admittedly not always easy, but we believe it is our responsibility to do so and are more than ready for the challenge. 


“Societal systems are complex but they were built by people, and they can be changed by people. ”

- The B Corp Movement

How Irish Food & Drink Businesses Can Drive A Positive Transformational Change 

It’s no secret that the food industry has played a huge role in contributing to climate change. Biodiversity loss, deforestation and the devastation of our oceans are just some of the devastating events that have occurred at the hand of irresponsible food producers. In fact, it is estimated that food systems contribute to more than a third of greenhouse gases damaging our planet (Earth Science Data, 2021). Consequently, the pressure which the climate crisis is putting on food production means the industry finds itself trapped in a vicious cycle. According to the UN, nearly 2.3 billion people worldwide did not have access to adequate food in 2021. As extreme weather events around the world pose the threat of global food shortages, these figures are only sure to worsen. 

Unfortunately, the solution to fixing our food system is complex. We are always going to need to produce food. But we always have a choice to do so responsibly. 

Through our work at Conquer Digital, we have experienced first hand the enthusiasm that those within the SME food and drink sector hold for their trade and how it impacts the people, community and environment around them. These businesses are started by people with a passion for high quality food and drink products and a respect for the power of food to bring people together. Unmotivated by greed, those in the food and drink industry find themselves at an interesting crossroads between supplier and consumer. Well-placed to influence both sides of a market they wish to protect and enhance, there is an opportunity for small responses from these businesses to kick off a huge cyclical impact in combating the climate crisis. 

For instance, encouraging suppliers and citizens to opt for sustainably grown and organic products and ingredients can lead a move away from the nutrient-poor ones which are negatively impacting our ecosystem. Building values into business models that keep food affordable ensures that citizens have access to high-quality and nutritious food, no matter their financial status. The benefit of a collective commitment to using higher quality ingredients will lead to an increase in demand, which puts more money into the pockets of those who employ sustainable production methods. An influx of finance flowing towards these businesses means these high quality food production methods and products are more sustainably maintained. The better quality food that is produced, the more nutritious the food ending up on the consumer’s plate becomes. The more businesses try to educate those around them on the positive impacts they are making, the more on-board the society at large will become. And on it goes. 

Change within the industry starts and ends with how food and drink businesses choose to operate. And when the right choices are made by many, the result can only be a positive transformation!


Want to join a community of like-minded business owners and brand leaders who share your passion about driving this change? 

Food has a magical ability to inspire change.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and circular food system. As a marketing agency, we pledge to only promoting Irish food and drink businesses who are committed to reducing their emissions by 50% by 2030 and aligning with a net zero world by 2050. We are currently developing a solid strategy to ensure a clear roadmap of how we aim to achieve this exists. 

Our Mission

We aim to support food and drink businesses who share our vision by strengthening the stories of what they do and how they do it so they can attract, inspire and educate citizens.  

6 - Our Vision_edited.jpg

Our Approach

Every day we encounter those advocating for change within the existing Irish food system. Using our creative communication skills, we aim to give a voice to those looking to create a brighter and more equitable future.

4 Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Food And Drink Businesses

A question we often ask ourselves is why we stay in the social media marketing game. With the industry keeping so many business leaders who want to make the world a better place, stuck in a toxic-trend-driven-cycle that is distracting from focusing on what matters, we can sometimes get a little disillusioned.


However, we've been in the business long before this form of digital marketing became hip and cool so the truth is we still remember fondly the brilliant opportunities which social media presented for businesses way back in the late 2010's. When used correctly, we know the power it yields for helping food and drink businesses reach their customers and grow their business. So as a purpose-driven agency, we feel it's our responsibility to help redefine the standards of the social media marketing industry. We want to set these purpose-driven business owners and brand leaders up for success by providing them with guidance and support so they maximise the benefits that social media marketing can bring to help their business thrive and flourish. Some of those benefits are outlined below. 

1. Creates Brand Awareness


If you are in any doubt as to whether social media is the right marketing channel for your business, there are two important facts you need to know. The first is that 4.28 million people are using social media in Ireland in 2022 and the second is that the average daily use of social media by adults totals to two hours per day

In addition to this, according to Irish Tech News, more and more citizens are using social media to research businesses before they buy from them. And it’s just teens

61% of 57-75 year olds.png

and tweens they are referring to. So if your business is not on social media for them to research, your business is not the one they are shopping with. 


2. Cost Effective

Even with the cost of doing business constantly on the increase here in Ireland, social media remains the most affordable method of marketing your business. In fact, unless you choose to run paid ads or hire someone to manage it for you, it can be used completely free of charge.


3. Builds Connections With Customers


With over 10,000 food and drink businesses in Ireland vying for the attention of citizens on a daily basis, delivering great tasting products and exceptional experiences is no longer enough. Instead you should focus on creating long-lasting and authentic connections with your customers alongside informing them about the functional features of your products and services. Social media presents a remarkable opportunity for food and drink businesses to forge those connections by providing customers with direct access to your business. 


4. Influences Purchase Decisions


We all know the phrase ‘It’s a lot less expensive to keep a customer than to acquire a new one’. And social media is certainly one effective way of helping to keep your business top-of-mind with your customers so they keep on coming back for more. 76% of internet users will refer to a business’ social media accounts to get more information about the food and drink product or service they are interested in purchasing. So whether they’ve used your products or services before, it’s important to be aware of the role that your social media presence is playing in your customers’ decision making

Session One: Setting Your Business Up For Social Media Success

Session Two: Solidifying Your Social Media Foundation

Session Three: Content That Connects

Session Four: Making Your Business Shine Bright On Social Media 

Session Five: Planning & Executing Part One

Session Six: Implementation Week

Session Seven: Planning & Executing Part Two

Session Eight: Getting Comfortable On Camera

Session Nine: Nurturing Your Online Community

Session Ten: Final Implementation Week


Are You Ready To Conquer Your Social? 

If you are a business owner or marketer who is driven by a love of all things food and drink, Conquer Your Social is the programme for you. 


If you value your time and are striving to achieve balance when it comes to managing your workload, Conquer Your Social is the programme for you. 


If you are eager to learn more about how businesses can advocate for positive transformation, then Conquer Your Social is the programme for you. 


Over the course of this unique programme, you’ll learn how to: 


  • Develop a social media strategy that is aligned with your unique business goals and resources. 


  • Implement a marketing plan that systematically grows your brand, sells your product and cultivates a loyal community of high quality food lovers without taking up hours of your week to do it.  

  • Advocate for and educate on the importance of a better Irish food system. 


It’s time to get back to the reason you started your business in the first place!



Ciara Daly is the Director of Conquer Digital, a social media marketing agency that supports food and drink businesses with achieving their dreams. 


After working as a Music Teacher in Dubai, in 2015 Ciara began to cut her corporate teeth working across sales, public relations and digital marketing in Ireland, Australia and the UAE. Following a belief that food is a fantastic way to enhance people’s lives and to encourage them to engage with important societal issues around community, environment and culture, she set up Conquer Digital in 2019. Since then she has worked alongside award-winning producers, driven restaurateurs and cafe owners as well as some of the most respected food tourism businesses in the country. 

In 2021, she became involved with Ireland’s first climate news podcast, The Climate Alarm Clock. Due to her involvement with this project, she pledged that Conquer Digital would only promote Irish food and drink businesses committed to reducing their emissions by 50% by 2030 and aligning with a net zero world by 2050. 


Not sure if an online programe is for you?

We know from personal experience that a lot of online training focuses on theory rather than practice. You sign up feeling extremely enthusiastic until inevitably, life gets in the way and your course work suddenly falls to the wayside. Eventually, it becomes just another thing you haven’t gotten a chance to tick off your to-do list, and you can’t help but feel that your hard earned money has gone to waste. (Not to mention a little disheartened by your lack of progress.)


We know that turning theory into action requires work which is why when you sign up to the Conquer Your Social programme, you’ll also receive access to our Accountability Calls. These sessions are designed to support you with the implementation of your new learnings while keeping you… well, accountable! 


Even if you don’t have a question, the Accountability Call is an hour where you can turn up and get through the action points set out in your weekly sessions. Remember, our goal is to enable you to shorten your to-do list and make your marketing more effective! 


“Knowledge is of no power unless you put it into practice.”

- Anton Chekhov

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