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Make sales for your food & drink business while connecting with an audience who will fall in love with what you do!


Imagine if... 

You could grow your brand by spending less time on social media and more time working on your actual passion. The reason you started in food or drink in the first place. Sounds enticing, right? 

That's what we enable you to do through Conquer Your Social; the unique social media marketing programme that has specifically been designed to empower food and drink leaders like you to:

  • Make sales for your food or drink business

  • Connect with an audience who will fall in love with what you do

  • Cut your social media marketing to-do list in half

It's particularly perfect for the food and drink leader who is ready to:

  • Stop wasting time trying to keep up to date with algorithm updates or learning endless "Instagram hacks you didn't know"

  • Move away from posting content formats that just don't "feel" like the right fit for your or your business 

  • Feel confident about rolling out a marketing plan that drives a solid return

Make sales for your food & drink business while connecting with an audience who will fall in love with what you do!


1 - What Is CYS_edited.png

Conquer Your Social is THE social media marketing programme for people who are passionate about the Irish food and drinks industry. Full of practical tools, comprehensive training, and detailed resources, it's been designed to facilitate you to ditch the stress that often comes with social media marketing. Our goal is to lighten your load while enabling you to become more confident about managing the online presence for your food or drink passion. 

Over the course of the programme you’ll master the most effective tools and strategies used by professional marketing teams through practical, step-by-step advice and uncover how these approaches can be applied specifically to the food and drink industry. Through weekly action points orchestrated to assist you in getting your marketing off the ground, you’ll then learn how to put this new information into practice. 


Conquer Your Social has been designed to ensure your success. We know how little time you have when you work within the food and drink industry, and that's why when you sign up to this unique programme, you’ll receive access to our Accountability Calls. Exclusive to Conquer Your Social participants, these sessions are an opportunity for you to block off an hour to put the learnings from the programme into action, while availing of our expert guidance as you implement your new-found knowledge.


By the end of the programme, you’ll have gone from feeling stressed and overwhelmed about social media to feeling confident, productive and most importantly, excited about having already put your best foot forward when it comes to managing your online presence. And because we're currently offering 30% off our May 2023 intake, you'll get to do it at a fraction of the cost too! 

When you join Conquer Your Social, here's what we ask of you: 

Commitment: Attend the weekly live check-in classes (or watch the replay) to ensure you’re getting the most out of the programme and keeping up to date with the outlined action points. 

Openness: Conquer Your Social is more than a marketing programme, it's a place for you to share your business highs and lows. We're fostering a space where we not only support you, but where you support one another. It makes celebrating the wins you'll have along the way all the more enjoyable!  

Fun: A seriously key ingredient; we count ourselves lucky to work alongside inspiring food and drink leaders everyday, and we want to make sure that you enjoy working with us too. So come along expecting to have a few laughs along the way!

Ready to discover how to use the strategies we teach inside Conquer Your Social to increase your sales and impact through social media? Hurry as sign up ends May 5th!


Sharing Your Story To Inspire Positive Change

  • Developing Your Inspiring Food or Drink Story

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

  • Confidence In Your Content

Conquer Your Content (Part One)

  • Understanding Your Audience

  • Developing The Ultimate Content Strategy

  • Setting Up A Solid Social Media Foundation

Conquer Your Content (Part Two)

  • Creating Content That Converts

  • Putting Your Best Foot Forward Online

  • Subtle But Strong Storytelling

The Secret Recipe to Delicious Content Creation

  • Face and Conquer Your Filming Fears

  • Cost Effective, Professional Filming & Photography

  • Top Tools Marketers Use

Save Sanity By Skirting The Algorithm

  • Becoming An Advertising Pro

  • Creating & Managing Your Budget

  • Collaborating With Like-minded Communities 

Conquer Your Time Management

  • Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome

  • Plan & Execute Like A Pro

  • Nurturing Your Online Community 

Plus, to help you prioritise putting the valuable information you learn on this programme, you'll also get access to our Accountability Calls!


Feedback and tailored advice from our Director Ciara Daly on your Social Media Strategy

Worth €150

A Done-For-You Social Media Marketing Calendar with Customisable Posts

Worth €79

Access to a Community Asana Board mapping out the only tasks you need to focus on to start putting your Social Media Strategy to work and to create accountability

Worth €85


Price: €659+VAT

We understand the financial pressures felt by those working within the food and drink in 2023, which is why we're offering 30% off our Conquer Your Social May intake. Our expert knowledge and support is designed to make managing your online presence as stress-free as possible. By investing in our program, food and drink leaders can become more confident in their social media marketing skills, while also playing a role in bridging the education gap around why high quality food and drink products and experiences deserve financial support.

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John & Jack Rogers standing in a field of oilseed rape with a dog.png

We are privileged to have worked with some of the leading food and drink leaders across Ireland and so during that time, it's safe to say we've learned a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in the industry. Through our experience of delivering top class campaigns and growth strategies, we're excited to share our expertise with bootstrapping food and drink leaders looking to share their story and take their businesses to the next level. Other marketing agencies of our calibre charge thousands of euros for their training services, but we're all about making this knowledge as accessible as possible. That's why we're keeping our prices low and offering an extra 30% off for

anyone feeling the squeeze. There is no programme like Conquer Your Social out there. Designed specifically with food and drink leaders in mind, you'll gain invaluable knowledge and insights that'll help you ditch the social media marketing stress and swap it for feeling confident about managing an online presence. All while making those all-important sales. Our start date is the 9th of May - we can't wait to see you there!




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