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The ultimate social media marketing programme for Irish food and drinks businesses.


Imagine if... 

You could grow your brand by spending less time on social media and more time working on your actual passion. The reason you started your business in the first place. Sounds enticing, right? 

That's what we aim to enable you to achieve through the Conquer Your Social, a social media marketing programme that has specifically been designed to empower you to:

  • Make sales for your food or drink business

  • Connect with customers who will fall in love with your brand

  • Cut your social media marketing to-do list in half

It's particularly perfect for the food and drink business owner or brand leader who is ready to

  • Stop wasting time trying to keep up to date with algorithm updates or learning endless "Instagram hacks you didn't know"

  • Move away from posting content formats that just don't "feel" like the right fit for your or your business (Hello dance and point trends, we're talking to you!)

  • Feel confident about rolling out a marketing plan that drives a solid return

The next intake for Conquer Your Social is currently scheduled for March/April, 2023. 


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Conquer Your Social is THE social media marketing programme for people who are passionate about the Irish food and drinks industry. Full of practical tools, comprehensive training, and detailed resources, it's been designed to facilitate you to ditch the stress that often comes with social media marketing. Our goal is to lighten your load while enabling you to become more confident about managing the online presence for your business. 


Over the course of the programme you’ll master the most effective tools and strategies used by professional marketing teams through practical, step-by-step advice and uncover how these approaches can be applied specifically to the food and drink industry. Through weekly action points orchestrated to assist you in getting your marketing off the ground, you’ll then learn how to put this new information into practice. 

Because this programme has been designed to ensure your success (and because we know how little time you have when you work within the food and drinks industry), you’ll also have a chance to participate in our Accountability Calls. These sessions are an opportunity for you to block off an hour to get some work done while availing of expert guidance as you implement your new-found knowledge.


Upon completion of Conquer Your Social, you’ll have gone from feeling stressed and overwhelmed about social media to feeling confident, productive and most importantly, excited about putting your best foot forward when it comes to managing an online presence. 

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