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Are you ready to cut your social media to-do list in half?


In this 60 minute masterclass, you'll learn how to turn followers into customers and build a loyal online community by: 


  • Creating a stress-free plan for a month's worth of content that can be used time and time again

  • Crafting captions that connect and are authentic to your brand within 5 minutes

  • Maintaining a consistent presence without being glued to your phone


Social media is an essential tool for food and drink businesses:


  • 4 million people in Ireland are active on social media

  • The average time spent on social media is over two hours per day

  • 72% of people in Ireland say they use social media to research a food or drink business before they buy from them


What could harnessing the power of social media mean for you? 


Find out by getting your hands on the recipe for success every food or drink business needs. Sign up and the link to access this workshop and accompanying resources will arrive in your inbox in a matter of minutes!

Free Workshop: How To Plan A Month Of Content In One Hour

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