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In early 2020, I took the plunge and officially launched my business Milk Bottle Marketing. Less than one month after announcing it’s beautiful birth to the world, Covid arrived in Ireland and I found myself trying to navigate through challenges that some of the most experienced business owners were struggling with. However, despite the hurdles that operating through a pandemic has presented, my business has thankfully survived and continued to grow. 

As I entered into my second year in business, I felt it was time to operate under a new name to reflect the experiences of the last twelve months. That new name is Conquer - chosen not just to reflect the growth of my own business, but to symbolise the strength, resilience and ambition of each of the business owners I have the pleasure of working alongside.


It is thanks to these inspiring individuals that I remain excited to discover what the future of doing business in Ireland looks like. So if you too are an ambitious business owner making your dream a reality, remember now is not the time simply to try - now is the time to Conquer!

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