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Let's make it tastier, let's make it easier!

Ready to conquer the digital landscape and make your competitors eat their hearts out?



We are passionate about empowering food and drink businesses to ditch the overwhelm when it comes to social media marketing. We offer specifically tailored training and support packages for teams who manage their marketing in-house so they can use social media to increase their sales, connect with an audience who will fall in love with what they do, and feel confident about managing the online presence for their business.

Workshops & Training

With over 60% of Irish citizens using social media to research businesses, a social media presence is vital for food and drink businesses. We offer custom packages to manage every aspect of your social media presence from strategy execution to content creation and management, as well as reporting.


It's important that we are able to grow strong relationships with our full-time clients which is why the number of clients we work with on an on-going basis is limited. Being able to give them a specific level of attention enables us to develop a deep understanding of what makes them unique so we can help clients put their best foot forward. We are committed to exclusively offering our full-time management services to Irish food and drink businesses who share our values when it comes to looking after people, planet and profit.

Social Media Management

We believe that a solid strategy is the difference between managing an online presence and becoming a foo and drink business that is loved and supported by their customers.


Our processes combine a deep-dive into your business goals and objectives to develop expertly-created marketing plans that will enable you to achieve them. We also create and enhance strong and engaging key message guides that help take the work out of communicating what makes your business unique to your customer.


By getting a thorough understanding of your business' purpose and vision, we build you a strategy that fits your business goals and budget so that you can take charge of your own brand and business.  

Strategy Development



Online Meeting



You know the power that Social Media Marketing wields for your business and we understand the difficulties that you can face in getting started.


That is why we offer a 30 minute free call where we learn about you, your business & the specific needs you have. From there, we can offer simple advice to help you move forward in growing your business.


There are no strings attached with your free call should you feel we are not the right fit for your business (although, we're pretty sure you will!). All you have to do is send us an email to let us know what we could do to make the call really useful for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch!





Conquer Digital is a social media marketing agency with the recipe for success every food or drink business needs. Experts in cooking up delicious content that will leave your audience craving more, our aim is to spice up your brand’s reputation and serve up a feast of revenue-boosting results.


Ciara Daly leads the team at Conquer Digital. A highly experienced communications professional, Ciara blends over a decade worth of experience in the food and drink industry with her digital prowess. She is a Mentor with both the Local Enterprise Office and SCCUL Enterprises. A strong advocate for a more holistically nourished world, Ciara is passionate about contributing to the creation of a sustainable and circular food system. Whether you are an established business owner looking for guidance on or a new business starting out, you can be sure that Conquer Digital are the experts you want in your corner. Get in touch and let's and cook up something extraordinary together!



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