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FITTmeals is a Dubai based healthy meal company delivering fresh and healthy, nutritionally balanced meals throughout the UAE. Although based in the United Arab Emirates, FITTmeals was founded by Tipperary man Eoin Cantwell in 2019.

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After years of living in the UAE juggling professional and work commitments, gym workouts and other hobbies, Eoin found his diet would always be the one to suffer. The lack of time he had to properly prepare his meals was one of his biggest problems. As someone who had been surrounded by the fitness industry all of his life, and with a true entrepreneurial mindset, Eoin set about working with various nutritionists, kitchens, food suppliers, software developers and logistics personnel to begin designing a solution, and thus FITTmeals was born! 

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· Social Media Strategy

· Coaching Calls

· Social Media Management:

Content Creation, Advertising Management, Community Management, Collaborations, Ambassador Programme, and Photography Management

Prior to engaging with our services in July 2020, FITTmeals had a small customer base and a very limited digital presence (less than 300 followers across Instagram and Facebook). They required support around improving their social media presence as well as discovering and connecting with an online customer base.

 Through a combination of coaching calls, and social media management services we were able to create an engaged and active social media following which resulted in 184K Reach, 1.7K website visits and a 3.8% engagement rate in a period of just six months.

Due to the growth in sales through the website, towards the end of our partnership in 2020, FITTmeals were in a position to expand their business into Abu Dhabi, followed by the entire UAE by the end of January, 2021. 


"It is great when someone understands and cares about your business and believes in what you are doing. From the start Ciara strived to learn more about our company and what makes it tick to efficiently market our services. A dream to work with, I would happily recommend Conquer to work with."

- Eoin Cantwell, FITTmeals

Learn more about the impressive business story of FITTmeals at

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