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Stodge Face

Born in America and raised in Ireland, Stodge Face is a bakery like no other. We’re talking  American-style, original recipe, hard-to-come-by, doughnut-frying, cupcake-styling baking.

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Changing the bakery game one Irish town at a time, Stodge Face bring you the freshest and most delicious homemade doughnuts & cupcakes available to collect from their stores or delivered to your door.

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· 1-to-1 Social Media Coaching & Training


· Social Media Management: Advertising Management and Community Management

Within their first two years in business, and four stores under their belt, the Stodge Face team came on board as a full time Social Media Management client with Conquer Digital with a goal of increasing brand awareness for their business nationwide.


One of the main challenges this new business faced was a limited budget which meant some creative thinking was required in order to create content that represented all four stores equally.

 To do this, we worked with one of the in-house Stodge Face Management members to work on a content creation system that would allow us to keep the social media presence for each of their locations on brand, current and cost-effective. 

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“Working with Ciara and the team has been an absolute game-changer. Their support has helped me streamline our social media content creation, saving us valuable time and peace of mind. As a new business starting out, they've been incredibly supportive. Whenever we have questions or face challenges, they're there to provide timely solutions. It's like having a trusted partner in our corner, and frankly we couldn't be happier with the results!" 

Check out the delicious work of Stodge Face at

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