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Whiskey Island

Whiskey Island is a full-service whiskey tour company. Run by father and son duo John P. & John F. Callely, they create and operate bespoke whiskey trails for guests from all four corners of the globe, carefully blending a selection of memorable whiskey experiences with the best of Ireland along the way.

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Whiskey Island got in touch with us looking for support and direction with the management of their social media presence. The primary objective was to ensure improved performance and understanding of the Social Channels

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1-to-1 Social Media Coaching & Training  

After an initial consultation to understand their core needs, we created a roadmap for the provision of our services over a six month period which would see Whiskey Island develop and implement a Social Media Strategy for the business.


Over the course of this project, we worked with Whiskey Island to identify their target audiences, identify and clarify Key Messages, create a content plan for relevant platforms and identify unique opportunities. 


"I enrolled in Conquer Your Social to finally understand how to be most effective at social media marketing - to do it the right way. Thanks to Conquer Your Social I am clear on what I need to do with advertising, frequency of posting, and what to post. I have a plan for 2023, and that's a big weight off the shoulder. It's an ideal programme for small one-man-shows like myself ."

- John Callely, Whiskey Island

Learn more about the delicious tours and tastings offered by Whiskey Island at

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