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How To Successfully Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

According to a study by Buffer, 72% of businesses believe that social media is important for their marketing efforts. However, only 24% feel like they're using it effectively!

And look, we get it... while many smart food and drink business owners know that social media can be invaluable to their brand's long-term success, the direct impact that it is having on their business can be difficult to quantify. This can very often lead to countless wasted money, hours and energy. 

At the face of it, managing a social media presence seems pretty straight forward. But when you take a peek under the hood of this "simple task", you'll soon discover that it requires excellent writing skills – and the training and knowledge to get inside your customer's head to craft relatable and relevant messaging that tap into each of their five senses.

You've got to know how to take great photos that make your food or drink products look as delicious as they taste in real life. How to edit videos, design graphics, and tell the stories that capture your business in the best light. All while keeping a firm handle on the ever-evolving digital landscape and constantly switching back and forth between creativity mode to analytical mode to make sure you are evaluating and improving everything you do.

We're tired just reading that list! It's no wonder that whether you're a business owner DIY-ing the social media presence for your business, or delegating it to a trusted staff member or digital agency, social media can feel as though it's all "just a bit much"! With such a laundry list of tasks to be done when it comes to managing a social media presence, there's a lot of potential for your time and money to go swirling down the drain.

What's the key to avoiding this, you ask?

  1. Lay The Groundwork

  2. Have Patience

  3. Stick To The Strategy

  4. Analyse And Adapt

Social media can be a powerful tool for food and drink businesses, but it's important to approach it with a clear strategy and the right expertise. By laying the groundwork, having patience, sticking to your strategy, and analysing and adapting, you can ensure that your social media efforts are effective and profitable.

Ready to take control of the social media presence of your business and drive the results you've been looking for? If so, book in for a Discovery Call with Conquer Digital today. We'll help you create a custom social media strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.

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