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The CYS Community is going to become the go-to network for food or drink businesses ready to use social media to increase sales.


Think and act like a digital agency, at a fraction of the cost. 


  • Increased sales
  • Expert guidance at a click
  • Time and money saved




The deadline to sign up is Tuesday April 9th, and there are only ten spaces available , so to discuss whether Conquer Your Social Community is the right fit for you, simply book your slot here to chat.


Members of the Conquer Your Social Community get access to:


A social media marketer in your pocket

Market your business in a matter of minutes. Get social media prompts to craft content that cultivates sales, grows your community and nurtures customer connections.


Ask The Expert

Submit questions, get solutions and feel empowered to take action. On-demand access to recorded answers to suit your busy schedule.


Our signature marketing programme - Conquer Your Social

A self-paced programme that takes you, hand-in-hand, through the process of setting up a social media marketing system within your food or drink business. This seven step programme is going to free you from the hamster wheel of chasing likes and shares, and shift your focus to solidifying relationships with customers so you can drive sales easier in the long term.


The Food Business Hub

A space where members can connect, collaborate, and share insights within the food and drink industry. Engage in community challenges, and watch your consistency pay off.


The Fine Print

The Conquer Your Social Community is a development project being funded by New frontiers and Enterprise Ireland. For the next stage of development we are looking for 10 business owners to sign up to our community starting on April 10th for a period of six months. In addition to all the benefits of a community membership, you'll also receive 2 x 1-to-1 Marketing Consultations where we'll work with you to address any challenges you are experiencing in your business. 


To discuss whether the Conquer Your Social Community is the right choice for you, book at call with Ciara here


Or if you're ready to demystify social media and watch your business soar, click the sign up button at the top of our page to secure your spot today!  



Six Month Membership: The CYS Community (LIMITED SPACES)

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