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5 Steps To Developing A Successful Facebook Marketing Strategy

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

1. Define your audience - have a clear vision of WHO you are talking to.

You should know your customer by name, their age, where the live, where they shop, where they work, what they watch on TV, what they are subscribing to, what they are buying, and in this particular circumstance we are facing at the moment, you need to know how they are coping with Covid-19, and how your business can do to help them.

2. Set goals.

Avoid focusing on vanity metrics like 'Likes and Shares' too much. Yes, these will contribute to your posts appearing to a wider audience BUT a focus on generating leads, increasing conversions on your website or even improving customer service is going to provide a much higher return for your efforts and start showing you some of that Facebook advertising value you've been missing out on!

3. Plan your content mix.

Once you’ve set your goals, you need to create a plan for how to achieve them. By considering the needs and wants of your customers and your own business goals, you can now create the content pillars that will help you work towards the social media traction you need to drive your business sales. We encourage that you use 75% of your posts to inform, educate and entertain, and the final 20% to promote your products or services. This warms your customers up to your sales pitch as opposed to constantly selling at them and losing their attention.

4. Install A Facebook Pixel

A Facebook Pixel is a piece of code which you can install on your website to track conversions, re-market to people who have visited or purchased from your website and even build custom targeted audience based on these behaviours for future ads. Even if Facebook advertising is something you are not using yet, we highly recommend you install this code on your website as it will provide you with some great insights that will help you to increase your reach and improve your Facebook marketing performance.

5. Track and Measure Your Performance

Social media marketing needs attention and time and so you’ve got to track and measure performance to determine what worked and what didn’t so that you can improve the implementation of your strategy in the future. By doing this, you'll likely be surprised with the number of people you've actually reached within a month or two if you actually take the time to turn up and use social media with clear intent and purpose!

By tracking your performance, you'll get a better understanding of the type of content that has been helping you achieve your goals, and the type of content that you need to change. It will also help you to get a better insight into the interests of your customers online and help you to tailor future content to help keep them engaged.

We're tired of seeing food and drink leaders being distracted from focusing on what it is they really love which is why we've currently opened the doors to our Conquer Your Social programme. The ultimate social media marketing programme for food and drink leaders, you can learn more about it here.

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